Recent Publications

Measurement of a carrier lifetime in micron-scaled materials using resonant microwave circuits.

S. Dev, Y. Wang, K. Kim, M. Zamiri, C. Kadlec, M. Goldflam, S. Hawkins, E. Shaner, J. Kim, S. Krishna, M. Allen, J. Allen, E. Tutuc, and D. Wasserman.

April 2019

Nature Communication

Photoluminescence study of InAs/InGaAs sub-monolayer quantum dot infrared photodetectors with various numbers of multiple stack layers

I. S. Han, J. S. Kim, J. C. Shin, J. O. Kim, S. K. Noh, S. J. Lee, & S. Krishna

March 2019

Journal of Luminescence

Temperature-dependent minority-carrier mobility in p-type InAs/GaSb type-II-superlattice photodetectors

Z. Taghipour, S. Lee, S. Myers, E. H. Steenbergen, C. P. Morath, V. M. Cowan, S. Mathews, G. Balakrishnan, and S. Krishna

February 2019

Phys. Rev. Applied

Carrier concentration and transport in Be-doped InAsSb for infrared sensing applications

L. K. Casias, C. P. Morath, E. H. Steenbergen, P. T. Webster, J. K. Kim, V. M. Cowan, G. Balakrishnan, & S. Krishna

January 2019

Infrared Physics & Technology