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Next Generation Focal Plane Arrays

Possible Research Projects Technical Objective
Open Circuit Voltage Photodetector (VocP) Proof of concept of gate modulation detectors
Polaritonic Hot-electron Infrared Photodetectors (PHIP)

Hot electron wafer level detetors at RT

Membrane Integration Detectors Antimonide superlattice detectors on other comercial substrates


- Zamiri, M., Klein, B., Schuler-Sandy, T., Myers, S., Dahiya, V., Cavallo, F., & Krishna, S. (2016). Indium-bump-free antimonide superlattice membrane detectors on silicon substrates. Applied Physics Letters, 108(9), 091110.



- Zamiri, M., Anwar, F., Klein, B. A., Rasoulof, A., Dawson, N. M., Schuler-Sandy, T., ... & Krishna, S. (2016). Antimonide-based membranes synthesis integration and strain engineering. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201615645.