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For many of our projects, we rely heavily on the input and support from collaborators. Without their help, we could not imagine the difficulties we would face in accomplishing our goals alone. We are proud to work with industry peers, and we believe that these industry connections will benefit our current research as well as future work, whether faculty or alumni. Below is a list of collaborators, with links to their websites


Ohio State University

Rajan / Ringel / Grassman / Carlin / Waleed Khalil / Luis Rodriguez-Saona

University of New Mexico

Brueck / Hayat / Ha / Cavallo / Balakrishnan / Feezell

Duke University

Padilla Group

University of Virginia

Joe C. Campbell

University of Ilinois at Chicago

Christoph Grein

North Carolina State University

J-P Maria

University of Michigan

Tony Grbic


L-3 Technologies

Third Floor Materials 

SK Infrared LLC


Korea Research Institute of Standards and Sciences (KRISS)

S. J. Lee / J. O. Kim

MIT Lincoln Laboratory 

Erik K. Duerr


Sensors and Space Vehicles