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Research Thrusts


AMBER (Antimonide MBE Reactor)


Sb-based material growth

- Sb-based type-II superlattice (e.g. InAs/GaSb type-II superlattice)

- Binary, ternary, quaternary bulk (e.g. InAsSb bulk)

- Various quantum structures (e.g. QW, QD, QR)

OASIS (Optical And Structural screening of Infrared Semiconductors) lab


Epi-level characterization

- Absorption (alpha)

- Photoluminescense (PL)

- Microwave lifetime measurement (tau)



- FTIR spectrometer

- PL and lifetime measurement system unit (incorporated with FTIR spectrometer)

MICA (Mid Infrared Characterization and Application) lab


Device-level chracterization

- Quantum efficiency (QE)

- Dark current

- Spectral response

- Imaging test



- Probe station

- FTIR spectrometer

- Imging camera test unit (320×256 and 640×512 FPA imagers)