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Applications of IR imaging

Possible Research Projects Technicle Objective
Methane Gas Detection Demonstrate an active imaging/sensing system for methane gas detection
Food and Agriculture Safety Monitoring crops and vegetation from aerial platforms
Corrosion Determination of sub-surface damage
Early detection of skin cancer Development of accurate, real time, low cost screening tool for melanoma in particular
Flow in cerebral shunts Non-invasive, quantitative determination of CSF flow in shunts
Wound healing and diabetes Monitoring of wound healing after skin grafting and detection of diabetic neuropathy
Drug delivery of inhalers Determination of plume profile for efficient delivery of drugs to the lungs


- Nitesh K. Kunda, Julia Hautmann, Sebastián E. Godoy, Patricia Marshik, Ramesh Chand, Sanjay Krishna, Pavan Muttil, A novel approach to study the pMDI plume using an infrared camera and to evaluate the aerodynamic properties after varying the time between actuations. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Volume 526, Issues 1–2, 30 June 2017, Pages 41-49, ISSN 0378-5173.