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Antimonide-based membranes synthesis integration and strain engineering

Marziyeh Zamiri, Farhana Anwar, Brianna A Klein, Amin Rasoulof, Noel M Dawson, Ted Schuler-Sandy, Christoph F Deneke, Sukarno O Ferreira, Francesca Cavallo, Sanjay Krishna

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Spatio-Temporal Bias-Tunable Readout Circuit for On-Chip Intelligent Image Processing

Glauco Rogerio Cugler Fiorante, Javad Ghasemi, Payman Zarkesh-Ha, Sanjay Krishna

IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers

Intelligent bias-selection method for computational imaging on a CMOS imager

Manish Bhattarai, Javad Ghasemi, Glauco RC Fiorante, Payman Zarkesh-Ha, Sanjay Krishna, Majeed M Hayat

Photonics Conference (IPC), 2016 IEEE

Type-II InAs/GaSb photodiode array pixel isolation by femto-second laser anneal

Sona Das, Utpal Das, Nutan Gautam, Sanjay Krishna

Infrared Physics & Technology

Band Offsets of III–V and II–VI Materials Studied by Temperature-Dependent Internal Photoemission Spectroscopy

AGU Perera, YF Lao, PS Wijewarnasuriya, SS Krishna

Journal of Electronic Materials

Antimonide superlattice membrane detectors on a silicon substrate

M Zamiri, B Klein, T Schuler, S Myers, F Cavallo, S Krishna

Device Research Conference (DRC), 2016 74th Annual

Design and fabrication of a multispectral infrared metamaterial detector

John Montoya, Andrew Cardin, Zhao-Bing Tian, Sanjay Krishna, Willie Padilla

Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), 2016 Conference on

Development of dual-band barrier detectors

Elena Plis, Stephen A Myers, David A Ramirez, Sanjay Krishna

SPIE Defense+ Security

Indium-bump-free antimonide superlattice membrane detectors on silicon substrates

M Zamiri, B Klein, T Schuler-Sandy, S Myers, V Dahiya, F Cavallo, S Krishna

Applied Physics Letters

Frequency-division-multiplexed single-pixel imaging with metamaterials

Claire M Watts, Christian C Nadell, John Montoya, Sanjay Krishna, Willie J Padilla


Mid-infrared interband cascade photodetectors with high quantum efficiency

Zhao-Bing Tian, Anjali Singh, Kevin Rigg, Sanjay Krishna


InAs-QDIP hybrid broadband infrared photodetector

Chee H Tan, Ian C Sandall, Xinxin Zhou, Sanjay Krishna

MRS Advances

Oscillatory penetration of near-fields in plasmonic excitation at metal-dielectric interfaces

SC Lee, JH Kang, QH Park, S Krishna, SRJ Brueck

Scientific reports

Single pixel quadrature imaging with metamaterials

Christian C Nadell, Claire M Watts, John A Montoya, Sanjay Krishna, Willie J Padilla

Advanced Optical Materials