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SW Kang

  • Visiting Scholar, Electrical & Computer Engr.
  • #367 Caldwell Laboratory, 2024 Neil Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43210


Dr. Sangwoo Kang is a principal research scientist at Advanced Instrumentation Institute, KRISS, South Korea as well as a professor at Science of Measurement, UST. He earned his M.S and Ph.D from POSTECH in Chemical Engineering and he was also a post doctoral researcher at University of Colorado at Boulder.

Dr. Sangwoo Kang's research is focused on the development of sensor systems, material synthesis, particle technology, and material evaluation. (For more detalis, please visit here

He is currently a visiting scholar here at Electrical and Computer Engineering, the Ohio State University, and his main research in KIND group will be to develop passivation techniques for LWIR photodetectors.