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Yun Hee Chang

  • Visiting Scholar
  • #367 Caldwell Laboratory, 2024 Neil Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43212


Dr. Yun Hee Chang is currently a visiting scholar in KIND group. She earned her B.S, M.S, and Ph. D in Physics, Pusan National Univeristy, South Korea, and have been working at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KAIST) as a research scientist.

Her research interest lies mostly on the calculation of electronic strcutrue in various semiconductors such as III-V coumpound, 2D materils, etc., and she had a lot of research experiences on different kind of projects, for instance, Molecular adsorption and desorption, Surface sciences of nanomaterials, Low dimensional materials (Graphene, Graphene oxide quantum dot, MoS2), Perovskite materials, Thermoelectric materials, Diluted magnetic semiconductors.

In KIND lab, she works on the calculation of electroninc structure in 6.1 A familty Type-II superlattice system and also the extraction of n, k values for the prediction of optical properties in the material systems.