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IMR 2018 OSU Materials Week (May 8th - 11th)

KIND group all attended to 2018 OSU Materials Week hosted by the Institute for Materials Research (IMR) and Manufacturing for Sustainability (M&MS) Discovery Theme.

We really appreciate all your contributions to Materials Week conference!


Oral Presenter (Friday, May 11)

-  Dr. Sanjay Krishna : "Antimonide Based Infrared Detectors"


Poster Presenters (May 9, 10)

- Vinita Dahiya (Wednesday, May 9) : "Structural Properties of MOCVD grown Metamorphic InAsSb Materials for Long Wave Infrared Detectors"

- Terresa Specht (Thursday, May 10) : "Aluminium Oxide Sidewall Passivation by Atomic Layer Deposition for LWIR Detectors"

- Seunghyun Lee (Wednesday, May 9) : "InAs/AlSb type II Superalttice Avalanche Photodiodes"


Poster Judges

- Dr. TJ Ronningen (Thursday, May 10)

- Dr. Alireza Kazemi (Wednesday, May 9)

Dr. Sanjay Krishna


Terresa Specht (PhD student)